A few observations from UFC Fight Night 25:

— The sands in the hourglass are running out on Jason MacDonald and his ability to compete against UFC-level competition. Alan Belcher, on the other hand, has got so much sand he’s a damn beach.

— My money is on Jonathan Brookins being the next TUF winner to get cut. Any takers?

— In a world of wrestlers eager to “wall and stall”, Erik Koch is a breath of fresh air – albeit, a breath of fresh air that is destined to send folks out of the cage on a stretcher.

— Dongi Yang would be so much more effective with cardio. Without cardio, Court McGee would just be another denizen of the Octagon struggling to eke out a meager existence.

— It’s hard to say if the death of his father affected Jake Shields’ performance. What’s not hard to say? The fact that Jake Ellenberger straight up smashed him. Seriously, now I really want to see Ellenberger in there against top-flight fighters.