This is definitely one of the more weird, awkward interviews I’ve heard in recent years. What was supposed to be a normal radio interview with Jon Jones about his title fight this weekend at UFC 135 turned into a head-scratcher when Jones decided to speak in a British accent. It really doesn’t sound like him at all, however MMA Nation’s Luke Thomas who conducted the interview verified that it was in fact Jones. Furthermore, his manager Malki Kawa sent out this tweet praising his client for giving a “classic” interview for his UK fans. Um, sure.

Interestingly, “double agent” Jones admits to spying on Rampage, but it was most likely meant to be a joke.

LT: Relative to other camps, and we can go back to the Brandon Vera camp and other camps you’ve had, this is the most high-profile one. Certainly new for you, it’s your first title defense, but at the same time there were a lot of distractions, particularly with the Spygate thing. On a scale of one to ten, one being you didn’t even notice it, ten being you couldn’t sleep at night, rate the level of distractions in this camp.

JJ: Well, you know, I’m British, so being a double agent is what we do. So, it wasn’t a distraction. I simply got caught.

LT: …right. You got caught spying?

JJ: Yeah, he caught me. It was his chef. Chef kinda put me out there a little bit. I’m comfortable with it, too late now.

I’m not sure what Jones was trying to accomplish here, but if he was trying to be funny, I didn’t laugh.

Update: Here’s Jones explaining the accent.