“I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal in this fight. Everybody Stefan comes across, fights and trains with is shorter than he is. Everybody that I come across, fight and train with is taller than I am. So this fight is going to be everything normal. How often does Stefan Struve come across someone taller than him? Not very often. And I haven’t come across many heavyweights shorter than I am. So I think this is going to be pretty normal. I’m accustomed to guys being taller than I am and Stefan is accustomed to guys shorter than he is… I found a guy I call the black Struve. Maurice Green, who’s 6-foot-9, he’s a guy who came in for three weeks, a wrestler turned kickboxer out of Chicago. He was a guy I brought in in order to find my range and work my distance. And then we’d have Marty Morgan, who’s 6-foot-3, stand on a stool while I threw punches and kicks at him.”

— Pat Barry on a UFC on Versus 6 conference call via MMA Fighting talking about Stefan Struve’s height and reach advantage

It’s hard to imagine that Stefan Struve’s extreme height and reach advantage won’t play a factor in their fight this weekend at UFC on Versus 6. Pat Barry may not think it’s a big deal, but Stefan Struve definitely plans to prove Barry wrong. He told reporters that he plans to use his reach and “pick him apart” at range. Barry of course will have to get inside where he can actually hit Struve with his much shorter limbs.

However it goes down, it will definitely be entertaining to see the UFC’s tallest heavyweight vs. its shortest.