Dana White: World Conqueror

Many people have questioned if the UFC overexposes themselves by running too many events. After all, hardly a weekend goes by anymore when there isn’t a UFC or Strikeforce event happening somewhere.

Well, no matter what the critics say, Dana White thinks that idea is preposterous. Every time someone asks him that question, he says they need more, more, more, not less.

So much more in fact, Dana told Yahoo! Sports that they’re going to start running two shows in two separate parts of the world on the same night as early as next Feb. when they go to Japan.

“When we go to Japan next year, we are going to be putting on a show at the same time in Las Vegas,” he said.

While he didn’t confirm the date, UFC is scheduled for a show on Feb. 26 at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan. The show would take place in the early afternoon in Japan, so it would air in the U.S. on Feb. 25, a Saturday night, live in the usual 9 p.m. Eastern pay-per-view time slot.

When asked how the company was going to handle a dual-show evening from a television standpoint, White just smiled and said, “You’ll see.”

“We’ll be doing a lot of that in the future,” White said.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m already pretty burnt out by all the shows Zuffa is running now, so this simultaneous events idea really doesn’t excite me. But, I also have to cover all these shows (with Jim’s much appreciated help), so I’m coming from a different perspective than the average fan.

So I’ll ask you: Is two UFC shows in one night overkill? Or the more the better?