Remember how Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson II was heavily rumored for UFC on FOX 1? Well, it turns out the rematch was discussed, but didn’t come together because Anderson Silva has an injured shoulder.

Dan Henderson commented on match-up at today’s UFC 139 press conference and said Silva is the only opponent he would go back to 185 for.

“There’s only one fight that I’d probably fight at 185 [pounds] and he won’t fight right now, I guess,” Henderson said in reference to Silva, adding that the champion “said he’s hurt.”

“Everybody could speculate, and I’d be one of those same people, but that’s the fight that we originally talked about,” Henderson said. “But evidently he hurt himself.”

To clear up any questions about Silva’s alleged injury, Dana White chimed in and confirmed that Silva is in fact hurt and not ducking anybody because it’s that time of the month like Chael Sonnen would have you believe.

“He was hurt in that fight,” White said today. “He hurt his shoulder; he’s got bursitis or something, and the doctor had him lay off for eight weeks.”

“Listen, Anderson Silva’s fought everybody,” he said. “It’s not like he’s ducking fights. He’s never ducked a fight … and if this thing goes right and Dan wants to cut that weight, then we can talk about Anderson Silva.”

Dana didn’t really say when Anderson Silva would defend his title again, but if it’s not going to happen well into 2012, Vitor Belfort is more than happy to fight the Chael Sonnen vs. Brian Stann winner for the title shot at UFC 141. Apparently, Hendo might be in that discussion as well, but if he beats Shogun Rua in Nov. it probably makes more sense to have him fight the Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans winner since that’s the weight class he’s been fighting in (sans the Fedor fight). Like most title scenarios though, it will come down to timing and that’s not clear yet.