Dave Herman was unexpectedly yanked from the UFC 136 card yesterday without explanation. Injuries are typically to blame for last-minute withdrawals, but as it turns out, that’s not the case here.

Dave Herman went on Clinch Gear Radio and revealed that a failed drug test for marijuana forced him off the card, but completely denied any wrongdoing. He also claims that the Texas commission told him two different stories about losing one of his samples. It’s sorta confusing, but here’s the transcription via 5thRound:

“Basically, I failed my drug test. It was September 15th, I went in and submitted the first test, and then a week later [the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation] emailed me and called me and said they lost the sample and said I had to go in and do it again. I went in again that day and then [yesterday] they got the results back and they said I failed. I said, ‘That’s impossible.’

“Texas [then] said that they never lost [the initial sample], and the first one was for drugs and the second one was for steroids. They didn’t say it was for performance-enhancing drugs, they said I had marijuana. And I don’t even smoke. I haven’t even had a beer in two months.”

It’s unclear if Herman is going to appeal the results or what the Texas commission’s side of the story is, but we’ll keep you posted.

As for UFC 136, the Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia rematch has been promoted to the main card to fill the void Dave Herman’s bout with Mike Russow left. It’s unclear if Russow will remain on the card.

Image via Daniel Herbertson for Sherdog

Update: Dave Herman offered a little more clarification to MMA Fighting on the testing.

“When I talked to Texas they said that there wasn’t enough of the first sample to do both tests,” said Herman. “The first sample they just tested one thing and the second sample they tested something else. …They just said the first one was positive for marijuana. The second one wasn’t positive for anything.”

Herman also clarified that he did not test positive for steroids as some sites reported.

Herman claims he still doesn’t know why he failed the marijuana test, but hinted that it could have been second hand smoke.

“I do not smoke marijuana,” Herman told MMA Fighting. “I can’t say I’m not around it. I live in California. Pretty much everyone out here smokes weed. Maybe I need to pick my friends a little better. I don’t know.”

Herman doesn’t sound like he’s interested in fighting it. Herman’s expecting a 30-day suspension based on research he did on past offenders, but it’s unclear if a suspension will in fact be levied. All the Texas commission has said thus far is Herman was “denied a license.”