Remember XARM? The arm wrestling/fighting hybrid creation from UFC co-founder Art Davie that gave everyone a good laugh a few years back? Well, it’s back.

Davie and his partner Alan Winters explained to MMA Junkie how they’re planning to reposition XARM from “the evolution of combat sports” to, well, I don’t know… something.

“We’re doing things in a non-traditional way, and we think there will be some unique things that are really interesting to MMA fans,” Davie told ( “We see this as different but within the combat-sports entertainment space.”

“What everybody saw with XARM back a couple of years ago was a pretty primitive version of where we’re headed with it,” Winters said. “The technology that we’re going to build into this is going to be really interesting because you don’t see it anywhere else.”

“At one point, we used to call XARM the evolution of combat sports,” Winters said. “We don’t say that anymore because we don’t really see it that way. We see it as a distinct athletic and entertainment medium that has very different characteristics. Our fights end in three minutes or less. That’s as far as they can go. It’s a pretty intense three minutes.”

Winters added that this time they actually have the support of a media company to help their new “sport” take off across the globe.

“I’m very excited with what we’re doing,” Winters said. “We’re enormously thrilled with what we’re doing with Endomol. They’re in 31 different countries. They’ve acquired 80 separate companies. They’re a serious player in the entertainment business worldwide, and they have really made a commitment to what we’re doing.”

A playlist of promos can be found in the video player below. My favorites were the ones where Davie asks if I’ve ever been “bitch-slapped” or had my “top popped.” No sir, I have not.