A few observations from both UFC on Versus 6 and Bellator 52:

-If Matt Wiman keeps up the determined slugfest-ing, he’s going to wind up the Chris Lytle of the lightweight division.  And that’s not a bad thing at all.

-I expected more from Charlie Brenneman, but damn did Anthony Johnson shut him the heck down.  That sprawl that pinned Brenneman’s forehead to the mat… that’s the stuff of nightmares.  Good job, Rumble.

-Pat Barry just cannot catch a break.  He knocks out Cheick Kongo twice yet still loses, and Stefan Struve straight up handles him on the ground.  Methinks Barry might be better suited for something along the lines of a Bellator heavyweight tournament.  Speaking of which…

-Wow, what a pleasant surprise to see heavyweights seriously trying to take each other’s heads off.  Watching Blagoi Ivanov dismantle his opponent with sambo and boxing was a joy, and Eric Prindle really clobbered Abe Wagner.  Granted, none of these guys will be able to deal with champ Cole Konrad’s “down comforter” technique, but it’s fun watching them earn that shot.

-Back to UFC on Versus 6, and the bantamweight championship scrap.  Despite what Demetrious Johnson says, I fully expect him to rule the emerging 125-pound weight class like an angry tyrant.  He’s got all the tools.  Dominick Cruz was just too big.

-When Cruz was huffing and puffing in the second round, I thought we were going to see a new champ crowned by the end of the night.  Boy was I wrong.  As it stands now, the only time we’re going to see him lose is if and when he moves up to face champ Jose Aldo in a superfight.  Or if he fights Frankie Edgar.  Georges St. Pierre he might beat, though.