I think they were having a hard time finding anybody to fight Chael, to be quite honest with you. I think he had a lot of people he wanted to fight; nobody would fight him… Regardless of what people want to say about him, people can’t deny the guy’s record, what he’s been able to do. So when they called me and told me that’s who I was fighting next, I looked at it as a huge opportunity.He does a great job of putting people in the positions where he is very dominant, by using a very high-tempo striking game and world-class wrestling. It’s very difficult for people to overcome… In all honesty, I haven’t seen anyone really overcome it. Even in the fights he loses, he’s normally winning the bout, and if he does lose it, it’s usually because he got caught with a submission while he was executing his game plan… It’s a very difficult fight for anybody to take. Especially after seeing what he’s done in his last three or four fights, I don’t think anybody wanted to take that chance… He’s only lost once in his career by decision. He’s never been knocked out. All his other defeats come from submissions, but submissions where he was actually winning the fight at the time.

— Brian Stann talking to USA Today about taking the fight against Chael Sonnen at UFC 136

Despite what you think about Chael Sonnen, Brian Stan makes a good point about him. He’s one of the best at using his wrestling to put himself in dominant positions where he can beat up on his opponents. His problem of course is that he tends to leave himself open for submissions in those dominant positions and his record shows it. You typically don’t think of Stann as a submission artist, but he did finish Mike Massenzio with a triangle and this is Chael Sonnen we’re talking about so you never know. More than likely though, Stann’s going to need to knock Sonnen out to win this fight — a tall order considering Sonnen’s never been knocked out in 37 professional fights.