A few observations from UFC 136: “Edgar vs. Maynard III”:

-Man, I am going to be so bummed if the best version we’ll ever see of Anthony Pettis is the one who won the WEC belt in dramatic style.  Because the Pettis that won last night… um, not so much.

-I don’t really have anything to say about Jorge Santiago, except that his performances aren’t doing the Japanese MMA circuit (of which he was a star in) any favors.

-Some may say that Melvin Guillard somehow fell short or lost focus or otherwise failed himself.  I say that’s not what happened.  Joe Lauzon is what happened. 

-Leonard Garcia versus Nam Phan was fun as hell to watch, but let’s face it, you could put Garcia in the cage against a wet paper bag and it would be exciting.  Also, Garcia would win a narrow split decision against that paper bag, but lose the rematch.

-Chael Sonnen is back, and with a middleweight division devoid of any serious challengers to Anderson Silva’s throne, we’ve never needed him more.  Help us, Obi-Wan Sonnen.  You’re our only hope.

-At this point it’s pretty clear that Kenny Florian is never going to win any titles in the UFC.  You know what else is clear?  If Jose Aldo were to ever fight Frankie Edgar, Aldo is going to be sucking wind so hard he’ll pass out.

-Edgar… wow.  Just wow.  The dude can take an amazing beating, come back, and unequivocally destroy.  That’s the yardstick by which champions are measured right there.  Long may he reign!