“Let’s see what the big boss is going to do. My opinion is that he had his chance and tapped, he should go back to the end of the line. The same thing is true with Vitor Belfort. They’re great fighters, but they had their chance. Sonnen would make a big fight, as would Dan Henderson and Georges St-Pierre, but we should recognize that Anderson only has around 4 fights left in his career.”

— Ed Soares telling SporTV (translated via MMA Mania) that Anderson Silva only has four fights in his career and they shouldn’t be wasted on guys Anderson has already beat

There’s another side to this argument that Ed Soares doesn’t present but I’m sure he’s well aware of. If Anderson Silva only has four fights left in his career, I’m sure he wants to make as much money as possible off those remaining fights. Big fights = big money and there’s no bigger fight for him right now than Chael Sonnen. Soares isn’t a bad manager. He knows this, which is why I think this hard to get routine he’s playing in the media right now is nothing more than a negotiation tactic to maximize his client’s payday in what will likely be the top grossing fight of his career.

That or they really are scared…

Image via CombatLifestyle.com