“It makes no sense at all. Chael is as deserving as anybody for that next title shot. The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what I think and it doesn’t matter what Ed thinks. It matters what Dana (White) thinks. Ed’s not the matchmaker, I’m not the matchmaker, you’re not the matchmaker. Joe Silva and Dana White make the matches… I don’t think Anderson’s scared of Chael at all. I mean Anderson may be the greatest fighter of all time. Do I think he wants to fight Chael? There’s probably other people he’d rather fight at this point in his career. Chael poses some problems that a lot of these other guys don’t, and we’ll see… Ed’s saying some personal things about Chael and I don’t think Ed or I are in a position where it’s good to throw insults at anybody. I think Ed’s a good guy that’s maybe got caught up a little emotionally himself with some of the things Chael has said about Anderson. It’s just better in my opinion if we leave that to the fighters.”

— Chael Sonnen’s manager Mike Roberts responding, via MMA Weekly, to Ed Soares’ recent comments about Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen II

Mike Roberts may be right about Dana White and Joe Silva making the fights, but that isn’t going to stop his client from putting the pressure on Anderson Silva to accept his challenge. An impatient Chael Sonnen actually issued an ultimatum to Silva over the weekend:

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As far as I know, Silva never even acknowledged the ultimatum, let alone accepted it. Ed Soares told Inside MMA over the weekend that Anderson thinks Chael is a “crazy lunatic,” but beyond that Sonnen’s constant badgering doesn’t affect him at all, not even the comments he made about his wife. He thought they were “disrespectful” but that’s about it.

Image via CombatLifestyle.com