Chael Sonnen went on Jim Rome’s radio show today to further hype up a rematch with Anderson Silva. When asked if the loser leaves town stipulation that Sonnen presented to Silva at UFC 136 was still good, Sonnen said he meant it 100% at the time, but like all offers it had an expiration date and it expired when Anderson Silva failed to accept the challenge. Chael made it clear that he’s trying everything to pick a fight with Anderson, but he won’t say anything other than “I don’t want to fight him.” At the end of the day though, Sonnen says it doesn’t really matter if Anderson wants to fight him or not, because he’s going to do what Dana White tells him to and if Dana White wants the rematch, he’ll get it.

When asked which is the bigger fight — Sonnen vs. Silva II or GSP vs. Silva — Chael said, “me fighting a mop or a garbage can is a bigger fight than those two turkeys.”