“(Initially), I knew (the injury) was bad but I thought I had the chance to be 100 per cent the night of the fight if I trained light and conserved myself. But the reality was I was not able to recover (fast enough). I want to fight my best when I’m at my best… I’m not going to lie, I cried yesterday. I had a ton of pressure falling off my shoulders, because for the last few days I was in the mindset that I was nervous for the fight. I was excited for the fight but I was also nervous to know if I was going to be able to fight. Now all the pressure is off, I feel much better. I’m going to do some rehab, maybe take a vacation because I went through a lot. It’s not only the fight, it’s all the training camp, I went through a lot of stuff. I need to reset the whole thing again and I’ll be ready for the next one.”

— Georges St. Pierre talking to Sportsnet.ca about the injuries that knocked him out of the UFC 137 main event

As it turns out, Georges St. Pierre actually sustained two injuries that forced him out of UFC 137. He told Sportsnet.ca that he actually “strained” his MCL last Saturday, but tried to fight through it. Then on Tuesday, he ended up injuring the hamstring on his other leg while trying to compensate for the MCL injury. The two injuries were just too much to overcome in a week and half, so he reluctantly withdrew.

St. Pierre added that he wants to recover the right way and doesn’t want to rush it. Right after news broke on Tuesday, Dana White was hopeful that they could reschedule the fight before the end of the year, however GSP says it’s probably going to be sometime around Super Bowl weekend before he’s ready to step back in the Octagon.

The photo seen above was tweeted out on Tuesday right before Georges sustained the hamstring injury.

This was after.

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