“I must win this fight… I will have to beat him, and I will do it. I trained six months for this fight. I will do it…  Some people, many people, buried me alive because I lost twice in a row. I just want to prove to everybody that I’m still Cro Cop. …I want to raise from the grave. That’s what I want to prove to everybody. That’s my motivation… I want to feel that feeling when the referee raises my hand. I want to take that shower — it’s a special moment for me, taking that shower after my victory, and I’m so happy. I go back to the hotel and the next day I’m so happy. I don’t even think about [money] until the UFC bookkeeper calls me a few days later to transfer the money… I want to retire as the old Cro Cop. I don’t know if I will be able to do it, but I will die trying. Nothing is hard for me. I will die trying.”

— Mirko Cro Cop telling MMA Fighting how badly he wants to win next weekend at UFC 137

I feel like I’ve written this five times before, but Mirko Cro Cop really really needs a win next weekend. It’s the last fight on his UFC contract and even a victory isn’t going to guarantee him a new one. Retirement is going to be a hot topic after the fight, win or lose, but Cro Cop only promised he would “disappear from the UFC” if he disappoints his fans again and loses to Roy Nelson. If he wins, it might be a different story. They would still have to “make a deal” to see Cro Cop return to the Octagon past UFC 137, but it’s unclear if Dana White and the UFC would even come to the table. After all, Dana already called for Cro Cop’s retirement after he lost to Brendan Schaub at UFC 128.

Whatever Cro Cop’s future holds, I really do hope we see one last glimpse of the old Cro Cop before he’s gone for good. I really like Roy Nelson, but man, it would be awesome to see Cro Cop send one final opponent to the canvas “right leg hospital, left leg cemetery” style.

Image via Heavy.com