This rather peculiar picture has been making the rounds across the internet the past few days. I’m not really sure what the context of the photo is, but Ed Soares appears to either be giving Chael Sonnen a piece of his mind or joking around with him. Since Sonnen appears to be giggling like a school girl though, many are questioning if it’s the latter.

Fans aren’t the only ones wondering what the heck is going. Anderson Silva is too. He took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the photo while simultaneously demeaning Soares’ role as his official mouthpiece in the media. Fighters Only has the translation.

“I didn’t like this photograph either. I take this opportunity to say that only I myself can speak about my fights, my plans and career,” he wrote.

“I’m currently in therapy [to recover from shoulder injury] and as soon as I am definite with UFC my next bout, I will let everybody know.”

I don’t think too much should be made out of this until Soares and Sonnen explain the context, but it is noteworthy nonetheless.