If the old Mirko Cro Cop makes an appearance at UFC 137 this weekend like he says he will, Roy Nelson will be ready for him. In this interview on ESPNRadio1100/98.9 FM in Las Vegas, Nelson tells Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole and Steve Cofield that he thinks Mirko is the “same old Cro Cop” that use to decapitate people with his left head kick in PRIDE.

“I think he’s the same old ‘Cro Cop.’ If anything, he’s probably more dangerous now because he wants to just prove to everybody else (he can still fight), and that’s always a scary thing.”

“Cro Cop’s fought some tough guys the last couple fights. He’s still the same guy from 2006, 2007 … a little bit older. If anything, he’s probably a little bit wiser, as in technique-wise.”

And how is Nelson preparing for the old Cro Cop you might ask? Training in a cemetery of course.

“I’ve just been working out in the cemetery a lot,” he told MMA Fighting recently. “I’ve got to get ready for the left kick. I want to see what it’s like.”

All jokes aside, Nelson is taking the fight seriously. He may not need a win as desperately as Cro Cop does, but is coming off two consecutive losses. I don’t know if the UFC would cut him if he loses, but I’m sure he doesn’t want to find out