Chael Sonnen previews UFC 137 BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz with Tom Atencio

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What was once Nick Diaz’s can be his again. The chance to fight for the UFC welterweight championship is likely just one win away, and standing between him and that goal is BJ Penn. Oh, it’s only a legend and Diaz’s first MMA hero. Even if you’re not a fan of subtext, the significance of that one final obstacle hard to miss.

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Both like to box and rarely strike with anything other than their hands. This is where most of this fight is going to play out, and it’s going to come down to whose skin holds up better to the punches. Both have the chins to withstand each other’s power, but Diaz’s skin cuts easy, and Penn should be able to bust him up even if the exchanges are relatively equal.

UFC 137 Breakdown: The Undercard | Five Ounces of Pain

If Matt Mitrione is ever going to become a contender in the heavyweight division, he needs to emerge victorious in this one. For all the grief he received following his stint on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter, Mitrione has turned into quite a serviceable — and even likeable — heavyweight. His professional Football background is a testament to his athleticism, which is a rarity in the division. However, whether his cardio has improved or not remains to be seen.

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BJ Penn and Nick Diaz will meet this weekend at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two will face off in the main event of UFC 137. The winner in this fight could very well find themselves on the short list for consideration for a potential title fight in the not too distant future.

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No matter what BJ Penn does in his UFC 137 main event match with Nick Diaz, it’s not likely to help him get another title shot.

Verafied: UFC 137’s Brandon Vera doesn’t want to be a cautionary tale | MMA Mania

“If I saw [Thiago Silva] right now I would kick him in the nuts for sure.”

Dana White: Carlos Condit Guaranteed Next Shot at Georges St-Pierre | 5thRound

“No, Condit’s in,” White emphatically stated. “Condit’s sitting and waiting. [Georges St-Pierre] should be [out] six to eight weeks. He’s just gotta have some rehab on his knee. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to surgery.”

Video Timeline: MMA’s Greatest Techniques of the Year, 1993-2011 | Cage Potato

Over the last two decades, MMA has evolved so consistently that fighters are still finding new and unexpected ways to destroy their opponents — while causing fans to spit their beers in shock. We decided to take a lil’ spin through MMA history and identify the single most awe-inspiring technique from each year since the sport’s modern inception.

Dave Meltzer: Piracy is a major factor in why UFC PPV buy rates are declining | Fight Opinion

With the estimated PPV buy rate numbers for UFC 136 (Houston) coming in at around 250,000 PPV buys, there is concern about the short-term and long-term future of UFC’s PPV business model. It’s only going to get tougher with increased sports & entertainment events happening on Saturday nights.

Injuries & too many shows are the main reasons why UFC PPV buys are down this year. Those underlying causes are the reason for a reported spike in piracy of UFC PPV events being streamed online. Dave elaborated on this conundrum for the UFC during his interview with Jack.

If you think you can out swim Nick Diaz, you’re clearly delusional | MiddleEasy

Our videographer, LayzieTheSavage, was under the belief that he ‘almost’ beat Nick Diaz in a pool race the night he arrived in Las Vegas for UFC 137. Granted everyone’s definition of ‘almost’ varies, but fortunately we have documentation of this swimming contest. If almost means he didn’t even finish the second lap, then sure, LayzieTheSavage ‘almost’ beat Nick Diaz. By that logic, Kristin Kreuk almost knows that I exist and we almost started dating nearly three years ago. Check out this video to clearly see Layzie’s definition of what ‘almost’ really is.

Din Thomas updates us on his health after car accident 
| TheFightNerd

“I might be the first person in history to get into a car accident on his way to the fight. It’s still kind of hard for me to talk about since this was something I really looked forward to… The thing for me was that i was at the weigh-ins, so I was debating on whether I wanted to stay in Ft. Lauderdale or go home… so we decided to just come back… I ended up going back home and I was feeling good… The car in front of me was a white truck… I was going about 50, not excessively fast… it started to lose control and hydro-planing… so I pulled off to the side and ended up hitting a light pole.” – Din Thomas

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The Pay-Per-View, Television, and Live Gate & Attendance sections of the  Blue Book have been updated to include all events in 2011.