Firas Zahabi may want Georges St. Pierre to move down to lightweight, but GSP, eh, not so much.

In an interview with MMA Nation, St. Pierre explained why he’s not too keen on dropping to 155.

For me, it would be easier to go down than to go up. The reason is my weight, I walk around between 185-190 but the thing is, I don’t want to go to lightweight because I don’t want to get smaller as a human being, as a man. I want to be bigger as possible, you know? I’m good as what I am as a welterweight right now. People want me to go up and we’ll see, one day if the timing is good and the person maybe I will but it will take time. Changing weight, it’s hard to do. People ask me this question sometime so we’ll see what’s gonna happen.

I don’t like the whole cut process now. I don’t like to play with my health. I could do it. I could do it, seriously, I could really do it but I don’t believe, I don’t want to lose too much weight. I don’t think it’s healthy and outside of performance, the most important thing for me is my well-being so I want my well-being to be my first priority and I don’t think it’s good for the body to lose that much weight.

Georges has been answering questions about his weight for a long time, and while he has always left the door open for it, it doesn’t really seem like he wants to to move to a different weight class.

I guess you can’t really blame him. He is the long-reigning champion of the UFC welterweight division and continues to enjoy all the fame and fortune that goes along with that. Why risk losing that by moving to a different division when you’re so easily dominating the weight class you’re in? I can’t speak for Georges, but considering how risk adverse he is, I’m sure that’s the question he asks himself every time these questions come up.

As the saying goes, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.