Anderson Silva has finally broken his silence on Chael Sonnen.

Ever since Sonnen called Silva out at UFC 136 a few weeks ago, we’ve only heard from Silva’s manager Ed Soares, however after seeing a peculiar photo of Soares and Sonnen, Silva declared that he’s the only person that can speak for him. Well, he’s talking now, but the message isn’t much different from his manager’s. Speaking to, Silva claims that Sonnen is “denigrating the image of the sport.” Translation via BE:

I didn’t get to where I’m at by being arrogant or provoking someone. By doing these antics he ends up denigrating the image of the sport. There’s no room for that in this sport. The most important thing he did not do, which was to beat me. He even failed in a drug test, which is worse.

The truth is Sonnen draws a lot of interest in the sport, which is anything but bad. Silva may truly mean what he says, but he has to know this is a fight that people want to see and whether he likes it or not, he’s eventually going to have to take it because that’s what the UFC wants.

Or he could go with option B as Chael Sonnen explains in this interview with MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant. Uncle Chael doesn’t want to fight anybody who doesn’t want to fight him, but the problem is Sonnen still wants his belt, so if Silva doesn’t want to fight, he can just hand the belt over and they can just settle it “diplomatically.”

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting