It seems Anderson Silva is a little more upset with Ed Soares than previously thought.

In an appearance on Brazilian TV show Tela Nitida, Silva spoke more freely about that strange picture of Ed Soares and Chael Sonnen that hit the internet last week, hinting that Soares’ long held position as his manager isn’t safe. Translated via Fighters Only.

“Unfortunately my manager is American, he speaks Portuguese but he is American. But I’m putting myself as a Brazilian… Whether you are in the UFC or not, when I’m outside my country i’m going to represent my country well and I think everyone has to position himself in the right way.”

“His position was not good, was not cool, as a manager he needed to have a more professional attitude. He was not professional and I don’t know why… I think it was not cool. But everyone knows what’s best, he is a grown man and he is going to deal with the backlash of what he did.”

“First thing is that nobody can talk for me except myself. Second is that I don’t have a contract with anybody, except with Nine9 and my sponsors, so anything can happen.”

If we’ve learned anything about Anderson Silva over the years, it’s that he’s extremely loyal to those he’s worked and trained with and expects the same in return. Just ask his former training partners Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort. Silva acted like it was a major act of betrayal when they expressed interest in fighting him. Silva barely had a reaction to any of the crazy things Chael Sonnen said in the six months prior to their first meeting, yet he stared down Belfort with a Halloween-esque serial killer mask at the weigh-ins when they eventually fought.

Point being, if Silva thinks someone close to him is working against his best interests, he takes it very personally and rarely lets it slide. Vitor’s “backlash” came in the form of a front kick to the face. Only time will tell what Soares’ will be.

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