Remember how Clay Guida, Ben Henderson and their respective managers took a big gamble in asking to fight on the UFC on FOX 1 card, hoping their fight would end up airing live on network television in millions of households?

Yeah, well, they lost. In fact, they would be been better off fighting on the main card of a low-rated UFC on Versus broadcast.

Reason being: Dana White confirmed on a UFC on FOX 1 conference call today that the only fight that will air on FOX on Nov. 12 is Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos, even if it “only goes 10 seconds.”

That sucks for Henderson and Guida, who were hoping for the added exposure and bigger sponsorship dollars, but fans will at least have the opportunity to watch their fight if they really want to. Dana confirmed that the full 10-bout undercard will stream live on Facebook and so you’ll be able to catch it there if your internet/computer can handle live video streaming.

Update: Clay Guida’s manager, John Fosco, believes his client and Ben Henderson aren’t going to make the FOX broadcast because FOX doesn’t think they can pull viewers. And it doesn’t sound like the UFC is happy about it.

“He has a pretty firm understanding that it’s FOX’s call, that FOX doesn’t think he has what it takes to draw viewers,” John Fosco, Guida’s manager, today told ( “That motivates the hell out of him, and he just feels that it’s more reason to go out there and put it on Ben.”

“That’s why we don’t blame (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva,” he said. “Because when I spoke with Joe [on Wednesday], Joe said, ‘Do you really think I want to have Guida vs. Henderson, a fight that can bring in ratings and bring in revenue, dark? Do you think that helps anybody?’ And I believe Joe.

“I think this was FOX’s call to say even if this fight is 10 seconds, we want to spend the rest of the time educating the new viewer on what the sport is about rather than just showing another fight.”