Nick Diaz did exactly what he needed to do take his title shot back from Carlos Condit last Saturday night. He went out and put on an epic performance against BJ Penn and sealed the deal by accusing Georges St. Pierre of faking his injuries as GSP stood watching from cageside.

As fired up as Diaz was after the fight, he probably would have called out GSP no matter what, however a voice from his camp could be heard in the background yelling “call that motherf***er out!” Yeah, that was Cesar Gracie.

When asked about it on The MMA Show with Mauro Ranallo, Gracie explained that he was merely talking to Nick in a language he would understand — “209ese.” Gracie also revealed that UFC matchmaker Joe Silva advised them to call out GSP if they wanted the title shot back. Transcription via MMA Mania:

“Well what’s going on is unfortunately for me, I had a mic on and I didn’t realize that or else I wouldn’t have said that. Why did I say it? That’s the language these guys speak. Before the fight, after the weigh ins, we were told by Joe Silva ‘if you guys want it, you guys call people out. That’s how the fights get done, you call em out,” and I wanted to make sure that Nick knew that. I speak several languages. I’m speaking to you in English, so if I spoke Japanese or Portuguese or something, you wouldn’t understand what I’m saying. When I speak to Nick, I have to speak in ‘209ese’ and that’s the language he understands. If I said ‘Hey Nick, would you like to explain your position and articulate how you would like to fight Mr. St. Pierre,’ he wouldn’t know what the hell I was talking about. That was directed at him (GSP), I didn’t think he was going to hear it obviously. This has nothing to do with GSP, I actually like the guy.”

Funny guy, that Cesar Gracie.

The fact of the matter is, if the timing is right, calling someone out is a very effective way to get the fight you want. Now if you pull a Roy Nelson and try to call out the champ when you’ve just won your first fight in 18 months, then no, you’re probably not going to get Joe Silva’s attention. But I think Roy Nelson already knew that.