“[Nick Diaz] likes to run his mouth, I don’t get him. He just likes to talk and he is what he is… He’s gonna get his coming against GSP. GSP’s motivated, I don’t see what Nick’s going to bring to the table. Jake Shields was a more difficult fight for GSP… GSP’s a lot faster than Diaz, Diaz has no power, he’s not going to knock him out. He should have finished BJ and he couldn’t even do that… His slap-box game… I would like to fight Diaz. Ideally I’d love to fight Diaz, his little patty-cake game he plays, man if he played that with me I’d put him down for sure, 100 per cent. If you did that where I come from, you get your ass whooped… But GSP’s faster than him, he can take him down and he’s better than him everywhere. So I don’t see the point of that fight.”

— Jake Ellenberger telling ESPN UK he wants to fight Nick Diaz

Well, it looks like someone is trying to pick a fight with the sport’s hottest welterweight. I definitely wouldn’t characterize Nick Diaz’s style of striking as a “little game of patty-cake.” After all. he has battered, bloodied and bruised every man he’s fought in the last few years with his “slap-box” style, but if Jake Ellenberger wants to climb the ladder and make it to a title shot, picking a fight with Nick Diaz isn’t a bad place to start, especially if Nick ends up with the belt next year.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog