Josh Koscheck has a problem with anybody who says Carlos Condit deserves a title shot against Georges St. Pierre.

Not mincing words, Koscheck tweeted the pic seen above of Condit’s record yesterday and said, “Hey media wake the f*ck up. What top 10 fighters has this kid beat? Don’t see it!”

Koscheck isn’t dumb. He knows creating a little controversy and giving fans something to talk about is the most effective way to get the fight he wants.

Well, guess what, it worked. According to MMA Junkie, Koscheck was offered the fight and it’s in the works for UFC 143. ( has learned from sources close to the promotion that Condit and Josh Koscheck (16-5 MMA, 14-5 UFC) have verbally agreed to meet at UFC 143 in February.

UFC president Dana White revealed the likelihood of the potential booking at Saturday night’s UFC 138 post-event press conference in Birmingham, England.

“Right now, Carlos Condit wants to fight,” White said. “He wants to fight on the same card as GSP and Diaz, so we’ll see what happens. Koscheck has been offered.

“It could be with Koscheck. Condit wanted that fight.”

According to several sources spoke with on Saturday evening, Condit now has it.

That’s a hell of a fight, but what happens if both GSP and Koscheck win??? Just throwing that out there.

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