A few observations of UFC 138: “Leben vs. Munoz”:

-Terry Etim looked impressive handily defeating a scrub, but he seems to have a long way to go before overcoming his greatest opponent: the stuff that come out of his mouth. I absolutely could not understand a single thing he said, and if I hadn’t been able to pick out a couple English words, I would’ve thought he was attempting to speak Klingon.

-Cyrille Diabate is the best, most-talented fighter who gives up after minute number two if things don’t go his way.

-Thiago Alves: still very capable of winning a shooting match. Just take takedowns out of the equation and the dude would be king.

-Uh, where did John Maguire learn to grapple? Are we really certain he’s British?

-I like to call the crushing knee Che Mills delivered to Chris Cope the “Anti-Woo”. (Remember, Cope kept saying “Woo!” on TUF?)

-I don’t know if Renan Barao is even remotely ready for Dominic Cruz, but he sure is fun to watch.

-Chris Leben’s decision to quit in between rounds should not be questioned. At all. It’s Chris-freakin’-Leben, people. The man will keep fighting long after he’s dead. He deserves to keep his sight while alive.