Fight Hub TV caught up with Mark Munoz following his big win over Chris Leben to talk about the victory and his post-fight title shot request. Munoz argues that his four-fight winning streak over quality competition, some of which were past top contenders, is more deserving of a shot at the title than Chael Sonnen’s one victory over Brian Stann. Transcription via MMA Mania:

“I feel that I deserve the title shot and here’s my argument. I lost to Yushin Okami, close split decision. He ended fighting … for the title. Since then I’ve been on a four fight winning streak. My third fight in my winning streak I fought Demian Maia, who was a number one contender and fought for the title. I Ended up beating him in a unanimous decision. My next fight, Chris Leben, my fourth fight in my winning streak, I fought him and you guys saw what I did to him. So having beat two top five guys, two number one past contenders, losing to Yushin Okami and being on a four fight winning streak, I feel that I’m next in line. I think that’s a valid argument. Chael Sonnen loses, had his chance, wins one and now he gets a title shot? No. I feel that I’m more of the person who should get a title shot.”

If title shots were awarded purely based on records, Munoz might have a decent argument, but that’s not how it works. I’ve talked about this ad nauseum, so I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but bottom line: Silva-Sonnen II will sell a ton of pay-per-views, Silva-Munoz won’t.

As unfortunate as it is, if Munoz wants a title shot sooner than later, his best bet is to really call Anderson Silva out and start a beef with him to get fans interested. As Joe Silva (allegedly) said, “if you want a fight, call people out.” Munoz sorta did that in his post-fight interview but then stresses in this video that he’s not specifically calling Anderson out. He might as well though because Silva already doesn’t see him as a friend anymore. Via MMA Mania:

“I hadn’t even seen that (Munoz’s challenge). I thought Munoz was a friend, but that’s okay…”

I doubt it would take too much more to really piss him off, but Munoz doesn’t sound like he wants to go there.