TMZ, of all outlets, has more details on Alistair Overeem’s beef with his former Golden Glory management.

According to the report published earlier this evening, Overeem has filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court against Golden Glory, claiming they owe him over $150,000.

According to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Overeem stupidly agreed to give his managers 35% of his pre-tax income in exchange for their services — but the managers failed him miserably.

Overeem claims the managers have refused to pay him more than $151,000 in earnings — including a bigtime bonus he was supposed to rake in when he signed with the UFC.

Overeem is suing for unspecified damages — and he wants a court order to break his contract with the management team ASAP.

35% sounds pretty ridiculous, but points out that Golden Glory provided “free” training, which can be costly for fighters, and 25-30% isn’t unheard of in Europe. In other words, it may not be “the worst MMA contract ever” as TMZ sensationalized it, but clearly Overeem wasn’t happy with at least something in the contract since he left the team. My first question is did Overeem leave the team because they wouldn’t pay him his $150k or did GG withhold the $150k because they believe he breached their contract?

There’s definitely a lot of questions and surely more to come as both sides give their side of the story. We’ll keep you posted.

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Update: Justin Klein, aka The Fight Lawyer, has a breakdown of the lawsuit if you are so inclined.

Update: This situation is going to get worse before it gets better. Golden Glory and KOI, the other defendant named in Overeem’s lawsuit, have fired back with a lawsuit of their own. They claim Overeem owes them commissions from past fights and sponsorship deals and believe his lawsuit was nothing more than a preemptive strike which suggests they were going to sue regardless. A statement was issued to MMA Junkie from their counsel.

“This lawsuit is a preemptive action on the part of Mr. Overeem and his counsel in response to KOI’s recent notification to Mr. Overeem of numerous violations by him of his management agreement with KOI, including but not limited to his failure to pay commissions for past fights and endorsement deals secured by KOI and Golden Glory.

“KOI and Golden Glory are respected organizations committed to securing the best fight deals and training for their team of fighters. Mr. Overeem’s continued suggestions to the contrary are scurrilous and will be vigorously defended in the proper forum.

“Alistair Overeem is a striker – he wants to throw the first punch. But this misguided decision to file a lawsuit as a preemptive strike leaves Mr. Overeem vulnerable in ways our clients wished to avoid.”