Clear your schedule for the next 10 minutes people. This is one Chael Sonnen interview you don’t want to miss. TSN’s notorious pot-stirring interviewer Michael Landsberg really brought it to Chael Sonnen in an interview they did yesterday. From the get go, Landsberg hammered Sonnen about the “loser leaves town” challenge Sonnen issued to Anderson Silva at UFC 136 and Sonnen didn’t like it, not one bit.  At Sonnen’s request, they eventually restarted the interview, but Sonnen was so irritated with Landsberg at that point, he eventually just stood up, took off his mic and walked off the set.

TSN has some choice quotes from the interview, but the written version really doesn’t do the interview justice. You need to watch it, either in the video player above or in higher quality over at TSN. Funny stuff.

HT: Cage Potato