Shane Carwin underwent successful back surgery today.

The procedure consisted of drilling out bone in the T10 – T12 vertebrae to relieve pressure on his spinal cord and repairing an unexpected herniated disk that doctors found during the operation.  The operation was deemed necessary by doctors if Carwin wanted to continue his fighting career after he experienced paralysis in his legs for 10-15 seconds while he was drilling takedowns during a seminar earlier this year.

Once Carwin awoke in recovery earlier today, he went on the UG to let everyone know he “made it out alive.”

I amde (sic) it out alive. I am on some heavy meds but I already have my Carwin walk out tee on. I am ready! They found a pretty bad herniated disc while performing the surgery and they repaired that too. My doctor was surprised that I could do what I do with my back in such bad shape. He said I am as good as new now. That mountain top does not look so far away. Thanks to you the UG for the support.

On Carwin’s official website, his wife added that “he’ll be better than he’s been in years” as long as his recovery goes well.

Dr. Chad just came out and he’s done! He said that it couldn’t have went any better; he not only drilled out the bone in T10-T12 that was compressing his spine but also repaired a very herniated disk that they hadn’t found. He said as long as recovery goes well he will be better than he’s been in years….yes, years – and he will be back in the ring better than ever!

It will be 1 hr – 1 1/2 hr before I get to see him, he’s still asleep, but doing great. THANK THE GOOD LORD FOR HIS HAND ON DR. CHAD AND MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!

Carwin expects to have 10 weeks of downtime to recover, so it will likely be sometime in the late spring/early summer at the earliest before we see him back in the Octagon.

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