There’s one place you never want to find yourself when fighting Wanderlei Silva — his clinch.

Just ask Cung Le. He found that out the hard way last night when Wand all but finished him with his patented knee strikes as Cung desperately tried to survive The Axe Murderer’s second round onslaught at UFC 139. The knees left Cung with a busted up face and a flattened nose. Cung looked like hell right after the fight, but surprisingly doesn’t look all that bad this morning in the morning-after pic he tweeted earlier today. His nose is a little crooked, but at least it doesn’t look like someone whacked it with a ball-peen hammer anymore.

Funny side-note: Wand tells MMA Heat’s Karyn Bryant that he actually did Cung Le a favor by busting up his face. He says Cung will make more money in Hollywood now that he looks like a real fighter.