“It certainly was a great fight. I don’t know how the judges made the scoring of the last round, but it could or should have been 10-8 for me. But it does not take anything away from Dan Henderson. He is a legend and he is of those guys who created a legacy, but I want revenge. I think this would be another great battle and the public wants to see it. … Even Dana White admitted he would have scored it a draw.”

— Mauricio “Shogun” Rua telling UOL Esporte, translated via MMA Mania, that he wants a rematch with Dan Henderson

Most normal human beings wouldn’t want to put themselves through another experience that sent to them to the hospital severely beaten, battered and bloodied. If we’ve learned anything about Shogun Rua this past year though, it’s that he isn’t normal or possibly even human. He survived Jon Jones’ onslaught longer than any person should and not only weathered everything Dan Henderson had to throw at him, he nearly came back and won the damn fight.

Furthermore, his manager Alonso Eduardo is hinting that he might not have been 100% heading into the fight.

“This past Saturday night in San Jose will certainly never leave our memory, and we leave extremely proud of all the guts, heart and courage that our friend Mauricio demonstrated, honoring his nickname “Shogun”, in one of the more dramatic and exciting fights of all time,” Alonson wrote on Facebook.

“Only those who were part of the team, are family members or close friends knows all the difficulties we had and what he had to overcome. I’m proud of him as a friend, was a person and as an athlete, and proud of the team that dedicated themselves almost 24 hours per day to help him in this task, which only we know how much as almost ‘Mission Impossible’

“This week I’ll break my silence and tell all the truth to the press, so that unfair situations won’t be created with people that don’t deserve this, starting with the athlete himself. Winning or losing, fair or unfair, once again Shogun made history, and I’m proud of being part of it somehow.”

If it turns out that Shogun wasn’t 100%, he wasn’t the only one. Dan Henderson’s manager revealed to MMA Junkie that he was sick and dehydrated all last week, which could explain why he appeared to gas in the early rounds of the fight.

Bottom line: What Shogun and Hendo did Saturday night was the definition of toughness, heart and courage. It was the stuff of legends. Doing it sick and injured only reaffirms that they’re two of the sport’s great warriors.

Update: Good news, Shogun passed his post-fight CT scan.

Despite his appearance, the Brazilian fighter seems to have escaped serious injury in the war of attrition, passing a post-fight CT scan, his manager Eduardo Alonso told MMA Fighting on Monday.

“All was fine,” Eduardo said in an email. “Only bruises and a cut on the eyebrow.”

Clinch Gear’s Facebook page has more post-fight pics of Shogun and Hendo at the hospital.