Remember Maiquel Falcao? He was the promising middleweight out of Brazil who showed a lot of potential in the UFC, but was released when some lingering legal issues stemming from a 2002 assault charge resurfaced earlier this year.

Well, unfortunately, Tatame is reporting that Falcao suffered a heart attack during a recent training session, but the good news is he survived. According to his manager, he’s currently in ICU and “improving fast.”

“Maiquel is still on the Intensive Care Unit and might stay there for few more days, when he’ll go through a catheterization. He’s lucid and improving fast”, his manager Marcelo Brigadeiro told TATAME on Wednesday.

Falcao is only 30 years old. The reasons for the heart attack are unknown, though it’s obviously not normal for someone so young to suffer a heart attack, let alone someone who makes their living staying in tip-top shape.

Hopefully, Falcao will make a speedy recovery and still fight for Bellator, whom he recently signed with.

Image via Gleidson Venga for Sherdog

Update: Sherdog has more details.

Brigadeiro said his client has been hospitalized at Holy House of Mercy’s intensive care unit in Pelotas since Sunday. Falcao is presently awaiting cardiac catheterization and an angiogram for further diagnosis.

“His wife told me he suddenly suffered from a huge pain in the chest, and when they got into the hospital the doctors concluded he had a myocardial infarction,” Brigadeiro explained. “The procedure is expected to happen late this Wednesday. If Falcao didn’t go to the hospital as fast as he did, he would have died.”

According to Brigadeiro, the 30-year-old Falcao has never suffered from any health issues, but did note that there is a history of cerebral ischemia in the fighter’s family. The manager is worried, but optimistic about his client’s career.

Update: Falcao’s manager is now saying that he did not suffer a heart attack.

Who clarifies it is the fighter’s manager, Marcelo Brigadeiro, in conversation with TATAME. “He’s feeling better today. It seems that nothing ever happened to him”, says the manager. “The cardiologists are telling that there wasn’t a heart attack, because his tests all coming back normal now… It may be something related to overtraining”.

Maiquel, of 30 years old, has a signed contract with Bellator, with debut predicted to March of 2012, but he had a bout scheduled for December in Bauru. “Until the doctors say something, it’s not worth risking it. There’s no way it can happen”, reveals.

“Two heart doctors said it wasn’t a heart attack. Who gave the diagnosis was the general practitioner, but form Monday on he started testing him and the results came back all normal”, complements Brigadeiro.