Jon Jones spars with female boxer Holly Holm via LowKick

MMA Black Friday: 7 Things That Money Can’t Buy | Cage Potato

While our wives and girlfriends are busy maxing out our credit cards in hopes of finding the perfect gift for everyone she knows, we should be reminded that money can’t buy everything — especially in the world of mixed martial arts. Follow us after the jump to discover the irony of the MMA Black Friday. I promise it will be better than the turkey sandwich and leftover pumpkin pie you’ll have for lunch.

Wake up! The Black Friday sales are here | MiddleEasy

Black Friday is finally here and that means it’s time to save some cash with the best MMA deals around. Forget scouring the web trying to track down a few good deals, we have all the best Black Friday MMA sales listed right here. Ready to save big time while scooping up some of your favorite MMA apparel and fight gear? Check out the list of Black Friday MMA deals down below to shop and save on all the best fight wear from today’s top brands like TapouT, Affliction, Dethrone Royalty, Throwdown, and much more!

Ring to Cage is giving you 30% off on Black Friday, plus more! 
| TheFightNerd

Friends of The Fight Nerd, Ring to Cage, is offering a Black Friday special as well, but for a very limited time!

Over on Ring to Cage’s official website, you can get 30% off all orders purchased through their online store, with no minimum purchase required. That means no matter how much or how little you buy, you get 30% off! Just make sure you use the coupon code 30BFOFF11 at checkout.

Dan Miller Asks MMA Community for Help | 5thRound

The season of giving is nearly upon us, and UFC middleweight Dan Miller is in desperate need of our help. Miller and his wife Kristin are asking the mixed martial arts community to assist their young son Daniel James Miller, who was born with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease.

MMA Top 10 Light Heavyweights: How High Does Dan Henderson Go? | MMA Fighting

Michael David Smith ranks the top 10 light heavyweights in MMA.

Georges St-Pierre: 8 Reasons Nick Diaz Is GSP’s Biggest Threat Ever | Bleacher Report

Here are the top eight reasons why Nick Diaz, as crazy as he may be at times, is the biggest threat St-Pierre has ever faced as champion.

Tito Ortiz already looking head to 2012 despite December fight against Nogueira | Five Ounces of Pain

“One hundred percent, yes. I would love to (Franklin). I’ll take any fights. Put’em in front of me, I’ll fight,” Ortiz said. “UFC wants me to fight’em? I’ll fight. Dana wants me to fight’em? I’ll fight. Rich Franklin, you wanna get broken off some? I’ll break you off some.”

Phil Davis Says Rashad Evans Bout ‘Makes Sense’ | Fightline

“That may be a fight that makes sense. He’s still a top-five guy, definitely one of the best guys in the world, we’ll see what happens. If that fight gets made, that’s still pretty cool. I’d like that.”

Jake Ellenberger discusses the Welterweight title mix, says he’s the guy to beat GSP | LowKick

“I think Carlos (Condit) has a better chance of beating GSP (than Nick Diaz). But, a fight is unpredictable, you really can’t tell. I think Carlos has better chances than some like to give him. No one has beaten GSP in a long time, it doesn’t matter who fights him, he’s going to be a very hard guy to beat. The way I look at it, when I fight GSP, you have to go in there with no fear and not let him get into his strengths and his strategies. You have to really go after him and pressure him. You can’t sit back and try to box him, he’s got very good striking and he’s quick. But, absolutely, I do believe I am the guy to beat him.”

When Fedor met Satoshi Ishii on NYE; card will not air on broadcast TV | Fight Opinion

The scuttlebutt coming out of Fedor’s decision win over Jeff Monson in Russia is that he will fight on the Inoki NYE card at Saitama Super Arena against Inoki-managed/owned-in-Japan fighter Satoshi Ishii. On paper, the fight makes sense for both parties. Fedor sees it as a chance to get a win, as ugly as it may be, over a relatively green fighter and an easy payday plus TV rights in Russia. Inoki’s camp views it as a chance to get Fedor back in Japan (where he’s the most valued, still) and that Ishii can somehow make the match ugly enough to get a decision win as long as Fedor doesn’t tag him early and knock his ass out.

Redeeming Filipino: Phillipe Nover Bellator 59 exclusive interview with (Part one) | MMA Mania

“I had to take some time off because I had neck surgery. I didn’t really publicize this. I don’t know for sure when the injury came first but I know I had a herniated disk and it was really bad. I definitely fought with the herniated disk a few times, that was during the UFC and it just kept getting worse and worse. Finally, I ended up getting an MRI after fighting Rob Emerson and I saw, the doctor told me that my neck is really bad.”

UFC 139: Payout Perspective | MMA Payout

After the big UFC on Fox airing, UFC 139 seemed like an afterthought. It was a very good card but lacked the buzz. One reason may be that Fuel aired the one hour countdown show instead of Spike TV before Spike aired it late Thursday night. Second, many casual viewers may not know Dan Henderson or Mauricio Rua. Certainly, these guys showed that they could put on a good fight. Yet, they aren’t known names. Finally, there is a level of fatigue the casual viewer (or perhaps every viewer) has with these PPVs. It seems like every other week fans are spending money on fights.  With the holidays coming up, some budgeting has to take place and that may mean a decline in PPV purchases. Based on the last couple of PPVs (UFC 136-225K buys, UFC 137-280K buys), it would not be out of line to state that UFC 139 is in the neighborhood of 250K buys. With that being said, it may be time to recalibrate how many PPV buys makes a card successful.