It appears no one is safe from Chael Sonnen’s verbal wrath, not even UFC Octagon girl Arianny Celeste.

Sonnen has mainly set his sights on fellow fighters, but in a recent interview with the Las Vegas Weekly Review, Arianny somehow landed in Sonnen’s crosshairs when he was asked who his pick is for Ring Girl of the Year in the 2011 World MMA Awards.

“We only had one and that was Chandella [Powell]. The other was the IQ card girl. Arianny [Celeste] kind of walks around and holds up her latest test score. One time when there was a title fight, she got all the way up to five and we were very proud of her,” he said.

Celeste, of course, wasn’t too happy when she caught wind of the comments and took to Twitter to tell Sonnen what she thought of him. The tweet appears to have been deleted, but according to Fighter’s Only, Celeste initially responded with this:

“Hey what’s ur name.. after @spideranderson kicks your ass..u won’t even be able to count to 5!! Get ready to kiss brazils ass!”

She later toned it down with the following tweet.

Talking crap about me In interviews is like when a boy picks on a girl he likes in 1st grade…GROW UP! Doesn’t work anymore sir!

Like always though, Sonnen got the last word in.

Seems easy to wear a bikini and seems easy to walk in a circle, but try walking in a circle while wearing a bikini. Talented girl!

I have no idea what Arianny ever did to Chael to prompt this (probably nothing), but the two may end up meeting face-to-face on Wednesday at the World MMA Awards show which Sonnen is hosting. That should be an interesting encounter.