Video of War Machine’s first post-jail fight against Roger Huerta at UWF 1 has hit the web. It was a gritty back-and-forth battle until the third round when War manages to break Huerta’s rib with a knee during a scramble. As Huerta winced in pain from side control, War was able to reverse the position, secure mount and finish a clearly injured Huerta with punches. Huerta explained the bizarre ending on Facebook:

“Hey guys, thx again for the messages. So Yeah, left the hospital earlier this morning and it’s a broken rib. Happened in the scramble when I ended up in half guard late in the 3rd round. Thought I could hold him there but it was to painful. I should of called it off there but I guess my stubbornness in not calling it got the best of me. sorry guys…

You know, I’m not sure what’s going on…I was winning this fight till the rib broke(or at least I felt this). It wasn’t like he punched it and broke it. It just gave out and I couldn’t breath. Weirdest thing. My hats off to him though. It was a good fight all in all. But again thank you guys deeply for the nice messages and for your support. Hope you guys enjoyed the fight either way”

Tough break for Huerta, but not the kind of performance he should hang his head on.

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