“He’s underestimating me, just like all opponents, the same run of events, the same things get said in every fight. ‘Oh Bisping he’s not good at this, he’s not good at that’ and they have a different opinion by the time they’re checking out of the hospital after the fight. Six of my last seven opponents, that’s where they went to the hospital, and Jason Miller’s going to be no different. I hope he hasn’t booked an after party for after the fight cause if he does, he’s going to be spending it with a couple of nurses. I saw an interview he did recently where he said he’s going to knock me out and submit me in the first round. I’ve got to say I did laugh quite heartily when I read that. That’s what I said on the show when he said ‘I’m going to knock you out’, I said when have you knocked anyone out? When’s the last time I got submitted? Never. I’m looking forward to kicking his ass, can’t wait… I’m not underestimating Jason; I never do. He’s got some things I’ve got to be careful of, obviously the ground work, he’s going to want to take me down and submit me. I don’t think he’s going to be able to do that, but I’ve addressed that problem and I’ve trained very, very hard. But I’ll be honest the way I feel about it, I could have laid on my couch for six months eating pizza and got off my ass and kicked the (expletive) out of him. Unfortunately for him, I’ve just done a 10-week training camp as if I was facing Anderson Silva. This guy’s got nothing on me. I’m looking forward to proving it.”

— Michael Bisping on MMA Weekly Radio talking about his upcoming fight against Jason “Mayhem” Miller this weekend at the TUF 14 Finale

Strong words from Michael Bisping. I’m not sure he’ll put him in the hospital, but I think the smart money’s on Bisping in this TUF 14 coaches battle. Mayhem’s going to want to put Bisping on the ground where he can work his submission game, but Bisping’s usually pretty good at staying on his feet. If Bisping can keep it standing, he should be able to work from range and outpoint Mayhem like he’s done to many other opponents in the past. I don’t think Bisping will finish him, but he should be able to pick up a decision.

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