A couple weeks ago, Jason “Mayhem” Miller claimed on his personal website that members of Michael Bisping’s camp were leaking info about Bisping’s training to his camp.

I don’t update this thing nearly enough. I just want everyone to understand how fricken hard I am training. I have never trained this hard or smart for a fight in my life. In ironic twist news- I’m totally getting reimbursed for John Dodson’s insubordination. I’m not even asking about Michael’s training, but for some reason all the friends that I’ve had for years that are working with him seem to be inclined to tell me about his camp and what he’s doing. I don’t want or need this info, I’m going to beat him regardless, just found it interesting. Pretty karmic.

In an appearance on Inside MMA last night however, Michael Bisping says he knows for a “fact” that no one in his camp is “divulging secrets.”

Even if it is true, does it really matter? Isn’t it pretty obvious what Bisping’s gameplan is going to be?