Anderson Silva is on fire down in Brazil. In addition to all the blue-chip sponsors and endorsements he has landed lately, GQ Brazil just named him their 2011 Man of the Year for sports. Translated via

“It was an historic year for the Mixed Martial Arts – the sport exploded in popularity on prime time TV – and especially for Anderson Silva. By defending his middleweight belt for the ninth time, The Spider won the fight of the year against Japan’s Yushin Okami in Brazil, and was proclaimed the greatest athlete in the history of MMA.

“I know that my victories helped the success in the sport. I’m glad that people talk on the streets, that the academies sing up new students. We need new idols,” says the 36 year old fighter.

On a semi-related note, here’s a new trailer for Silva’s documentary Like Water:

HT: Fightlinker