Brett Rogers has finally received his punishment for the third-degree felony assault charge he plead guilty to following the domestic abuse incident with his wife earlier this year.

According to, Dakota County District Judge Karen Asphaug sentenced Rogers to 60 days in jail and three years probation.

Brett “Da Grim” Rogers, 30, of Apple Valley, pleaded guilty to felony third-degree assault in Dakota County District Court. Two felonies of domestic assault by strangulation and stalking were dismissed, as well as a gross misdemeanor charge of endangering a child.

This morning, District Judge Karen Asphaug also ordered Rogers to three years probation with several conditions, including having no contact with his wife until he completes a domestic abuse program and his probation officer approves the contact. Rogers also cannot use alcohol and drugs.

Here’s the kicker. The judge said he’ll likely only have to serve two-thirds of jail sentence and the 26 days he already spent will count towards the 60 days, so he’ll only have to spend a grand total of 14 more days in jail. That’s the US legal system for ya.

Rogers’ defense team requested to postpone his sentence until after a fight Rogers has scheduled on Dec. 31, but they were denied. I don’t feel bad for him.