There’s been a change of plans in Alistair Overeem’s UFC 141 training camp.

As he revealed last month, Overeem decided to train for his upcoming fight against Brock Lesnar at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, however he has since returned to Holland to finish his camp there so he could be close to his mother who is recovering from cancer. Overeem broke the news in a blog for Yahoo! Sports.

Training is going well for my UFC debut against Brock Lesnar on December 30 at UFC 141. I said it when I was sat on a stage next to him, and I will repeat it here, I am not underestimating Lesnar, but I will rip him apart piece by piece and go on to win Junior dos Santos’ UFC heavyweight title after I dispense of Lesnar.

However, there has been a big change since my last Yahoo! Sports blog. I am now training for Lesnar in Holland. I flew back about a week ago. I don’t want to go too deep into personal matters, but what happened was my mother is recovering from cancer and needs my support. She needs me in Holland over the next couple of weeks and I came back for her.

Overeem went on to explain that finishing his training in Holland is actually less of a distraction than staying in Vegas because now his mom is right down the road and he won’t have to constantly worry how she’s doing from halfway across the world.

Obviously, caring for his mother is far more important than any fight, but it is one more thing to consider as the fight approaches later this month. Between his highly publicized split with Golden Glory, his big move to the US and now this, it’s only natural to wonder how prepared and focused Overeem will be come fight time.

Image via Dave Mandel for Sherdog