Georges St. Pierre isn’t the only UFC champ with a knee injury. UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos has been having problems with his knee as well as it was revealed following his championship win over Cain Velasquez.

It appears Dos Santos is much closer to recovering from his injury than GSP though. Brazilian website Portal Do Vale Tudo is reporting that JDS underwent surgery this morning to repair the meniscus on his left knee. Translated via Google:

After beating Cain Velasquez win the belt and the UFC heavyweight with the injured knee, Junior Cigano finally entered the operating room.

The UFC champion entered the Albert Einstein Hospital on the evening of Tuesday, and his surgery is being performed this morning. The fighter is operating the meniscus in his left knee to Dr. Moises Cohen, one of the leading surgeons in this area in Brazil.

According to Dos Santos, the surgery went “great” and he isn’t feeling any pain. He plans to return to Salvador, Brazil tomorrow.

The even better news is JDS should be back in training in the next 20-30 days so hopefully his injury won’t delay the next UFC heavyweight title fight.

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Image via Portal Do Vale Tudo