Today’s UFC on FOX 2 press conference was much more entertaining than your typical UFC presser thanks to trash-talking standouts Chael Sonnen, Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping. All three brought their A-game to presser today, although one arguably went a little too far with a reference to the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State. Before I get to all the quotes though, here’s a few notes from the press conference.

  • Chael Sonnen vs. Mark Munoz will determine who fights Anderson Silva next. Anderson will be ready to go in the summer. (He’s already rumored to be headlining a June card in San Paulo.)
  • Michael Bisping vs. Demian Maia will determine who fights the Anderson Silva vs. Sonnen-Munoz winner. (I have a feeling this won’t play out this way given the amount of time Bisping or Maia would have to sit out, but that’s how Dana White explained it)
  • The Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis winner is the next in line for a light heavyweight title shot. (Seems they have the MW and LHW title picture pretty well mapped out, but where does Dan Henderson fit into all this? Seems like he’s getting snubbed.)
  • Dana White says don’t worry if you don’t have FUEL TV. Availability is already up 11% since the UFC-FOX deal was announced and it will continue to climb as UFC fans call their cable companies and complain about not getting FUEL TV.
  • Dana plans to make a big announcement regarding the flyweight division very soon.

And now the quotes via Cagewriter, MMA Junkie, MMA Fighting and MMA Mania.

Chael Sonnen’s latest feelings on Anderson Silva:

“I got no problem with Anderson Silva, but I’m not going to change my schedule just to kick his ass. If I’m not the best guy and Mark is, then he can go have the shot. But Anderson’s not going to fight me in Brazil, in America, in Antarctica, in his kitchen when I’m trying to get a Brazilian steak. He’s not going to fight me.”

“I don’t believe Anderson’s hurt. He says he’s hurt and then he’s caught on tape working with Wanderlei Silva and working with Lyoto Machida ,that got caught on tape. I really don’t care about Anderson Silva. How hard is it going to be to become world champion when you’re beating up math teachers? I think he’s ducking me. I think he’s ducking Dan Henderson. I don’t think he’s hurt.”

Chael Sonnen on taking a cheap shot at Mark Munoz in a college wrestling match:

“I can assure you it was a calculated and premeditated event, and I offer no apology. I assure you on Jan. 28, I will be ready. It will be one more in the win column, one more above the mantle, and one more for the bad guy.”

Chael Sonnen on fighting his friend Mark Munoz:

“Everybody’s got guys they don’t want to fight, and Mark is definitely on the top of my list, and not just because I like him but because he’s a hard match. I’ve competed with him before, and I’ve never beat him. But look, we have to do this, and Mark and I agreed to fight to set an example for the rest of the guys. This is just competition. Basketball players don’t not play each other because they’re friends or they practice together or any other excuse that guys have for saying no. The answer is yes, and we will compete, and we will shake hands and live with the result.”

Chael Sonnen on FOX finally finding their “American Idol”:

“I think everybody up here is grateful to be on FOX. They’d probably say, ‘FOX, thanks.’ Everybody but me. I would say, ‘FOX, you’re welcome. You’ve been telling everybody for years you’ve got the American Idol, and now you finally do.'”

Chael Sonnen on his political career:

“I held public office, and I left the only way a politician should: in handcuffs.”

Michael Bisping on who’s best wrestler at the press conference:

“I don’t know about wrestling but I’m pretty sure I’d kick all their asses. I owe Rashad a rematch. Chael will get it. Mark will have it as well. And by the way, Demian Maia’s gonna get it.”

Michael Bisping on the thought of Dan Henderson getting a rematch with Anderson Silva:

“Well, he’s just another person that had his shot. I seem to remember him getting tapped out just like Chael did. Both of these guys have a problem with submission defense. If he’s bitter about it, don’t talk shit about me about it just because you blew your shot.”

And last but not least, an exchange between Rashad Evans and Phil Davis that ended with an uncomfortable reference to Jerry Sandusky:

Evans: “Phil, he’s getting knocked out.”

Davis: “I’m glad you mentioned that because one of your buddies, Jon Jones, said you don’t have much of a chin.”

Evans: “I guarantee you’ll be the first one to take a shot. Guarantee. Because I’m going to put my hands on you worse than that dude did them other kids at Penn State.”


The full press conference can be seen here. We’ll post highlights if they come available.