“I knew I could take a punch, and I’m glad that I got to prove it. But getting punched at practice and getting punched in the octagon is completely different. That’s what (head trainer) Greg Jackson told me backstage: ‘You really proved that you can keep your composure through adversity. You really handled it like a champion.’… I just feel like I’m meant to do this. I know in my heart and soul there is really nothing left on this planet I was meant to do. I believe it’s my destiny to be one of the best who ever lived.”

— Jon Jones at the UFC 140 post-fight press conference, via MMA Junkie, talking about his destiny to be one of the best fighters ever

Following yet another dramatic finish of a former UFC champion, many people are starting to buy into the notion that Jon Jones is on his way to becoming the best fighter to ever compete in mixed martial arts. That includes UFC president Dana White who said Jones could go down as the best ever “if he stays on the right track and does the right things.”

One person who isn’t buying it though is Dan Henderson. He made it clear after the fight that he wants the next shot at Jones.

Congrats to @jonnybones — great win. Hey @danawhite, I’d like to see if his chin is as good as he thinks & I’m ready to go.

If anyone is going to truly test Jones’ chin, it’s going to be Dan Henderson. Machida hit Jones with a pretty good shot last night that sent Jones scrambling, but it didn’t have the same kind of devastating power behind it that the H-bomb generates. I’d be really curious to see how Jones would react if Hendo was able to land the same kind of shots that he hit Shogun with.

Whether Hendo gets that opportunity though likely hinges on how the Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis fight plays out at UFC on FOX 2. Needless to say, no one is going to be a bigger Phil Davis fan that night than Dan Henderson.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting