Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira has opted forgo surgery on his right arm.

Dana White informed media members after UFC 140 that damage had been done to Big Nog’s shoulder and elbow when he refused to tap to the fight-ending kimura Frank Mir locked in at UFC 140. Furthermore, an x-ray the UFC tweeted clearly showed that his right humerus had been snapped as well. It was assumed that Nogueira would need surgery, but after seeing orthopedic surgeon Dr. John Itamura in LA today, surgery was deemed unnecessary.

Big Nog’s twin brother Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, who picked up a win against Tito Ortiz at UFC 140, informed everyone of the news earlier this evening.

“We’ve just had a medical diagnosis,” wrote Minotoro. “He said he would prefer not to do surgery, that [the bone] will calcify by itself and that in five months, he’s fighting again.”

UFC officials referred Nogueira to Dr. Itamura, who prescribed twice-a-day ultrasound therapy and fitted “Big Nog” with a brace. The plastic accessory will allow Nogueira to move his arm, something the pure plaster of a hard cast would not.

Meanwhile, Frank Mir appeared on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani earlier today and expressed regret that damage was done to the arm.

“I just locked it up and I wanted to make sure he didn’t get out,” Mir said. “I’m locking up a submission, and in my mind I want to keep applying force and don’t lose it.”

“I just want to win the fight,” Mir said. “The fact that you have to go get medical treatment after it, I don’t take credit for that. That sucked. He’s another martial artist I hope he can go back to the gym Monday like everyone else.”

Well, it wasn’t this Monday and won’t be the next, but Nogueira will be back in the gym sooner than most expected when they witnessed the horrific snap replay over and over again during the UFC 140 broadcast.

If you’re interested in exactly how Frank Mir pulled off the first successful submission of Big Nog, Rener and Ryron Gracie did a complete video breakdown here.