In a follow-up to the Junie Browning Thailand manhunt story, Junie has posted an update on his Facebook page claiming that the Thai mafia is after him, not the police. (The post isn’t showing on Facebook for me probably cause I’m not FB friends with him, so here’s the transcript via BE)

Im officially the biggest American patriot there is now. These other primitive countries are all about money, mafia and corrupt law enforcement. Regardless what you believe I never touched a female in theses events that occurred and my girlfriend was there from start to finish to vouch. Hitting Thai women was an excuse for them to demonize me and get some baht out of me. You all don’t understand with my name, people will use it against me. I acted like an idiot on a reality show for publicity so they are using that against me. Im sorry and I care about people more than you thank and I appreciate all the support from the intelligent people that understand that these primitive countries are trying to kill me ( Literally ) . I need help BAD! please call the US Embassy in my regards. Thank you very much everyone.

Apparently in the news story I fled the scene in the hospital before the police got there. It’s obvious by this picture that the police were already there. It wasn’t until hours later my girlfriends and my phone were flooded with phone calls saying that the Thai mafia were headed to the hospital to kill me did we leave. We understood that it is a very corrupt place so we had to flee and get in contact with the US Embassy. Funny how cropping a photo changes the whole story.

Geez, kinda sounds like the plot of a bad Van Damme movie or something, doesn’t it?

I’ve always found it difficult to have any sympathy for Browning, but if his version of the story is true, I sure hope he’s able to find refuge with the embassy and get the heck out of town before someone with bad intentions gets a hold of him.