Here’s the full audio of the Strikeforce-Showtime conference call from earlier this week via We also have some notable quotes from the call below as well.

Dana White on doing a new deal:

“I’m fired up about this deal and the guys at Strikeforce are fired up about this deal too. So, they are involved in this and the guys fighting at Strikeforce are going to be very happy to be there.”

Scott Coker on eliminating the heavyweight division:

“No, we are going to focus on our other weight classes. We have a great lightweight division, welterweight, middleweight and light heavyweight divisions, and we are going to focus on the women’s divisions. What you will see happen with the tournament finals between Daniel and Josh is one more fight where the winner will fight a top rated heavyweight and then we are going to go back to focusing on our other weight classes.’’

“We are going to continue to run the two [women’s] divisions. We are going to go out there, scour the planet, get the best females in the world and bring them to Strikeforce on Showtime.”

Dana White on Gilbert Melendez:

“Gilbert Melendez is pumped to stay in Strikeforce. If he wins he will continue to defend his belt in Strikeforce and he is absolutely excited about it.”

Dana White on his involvement in Strikeforce:

“Scott and the Strikeforce crew will be running the day-to-day and I will be involved in both this side and creatively on the Showtime side too. And I will be involved leading up to the events. When there is a Strikeforce event on a Saturday, I will work on the Showtime event just like I do a UFC event.”

Dana White on Ken Hershman’s departure from Showtime paving the way for a new deal:

“The reality is that I did not have a good relationship with the old regime and I have a good relationship with the new regime. I flew out there, we sat down, we talked, we worked this deal out and I love what we came up with. I would not be involved and I would not be this enthusiastic about it I wasn’t happy with this deal”

Dana White on any kind of crossover with the UFC:

“This whole thing is a work in progress, but we are both looking for the same thing. We are both looking for the best fighters in the world. There is a ton of talent and only so many slots to fill. There are a lot of great fighters that we can bring into Strikeforce, build an incredible division in each weight class and put on great fights.”

Dana White on Strikeforce not being a feeder league for the UFC:

“There is nothing wrong about being a feeder league, but that is not what this thing is designed to be. We are going after the best talent out there. A feeder league to me would mean that if you lose you go back down to Strikeforce and then you have to win some more fights and then we bring you back up. No, when you lose in the UFC you go somewhere else and you fight. Strikeforce is going to be looking for the best guys in these titles exactly like we do in the UFC.”

Scott Coker on Strikeforce not being a feeder league for the UFC:

“If you look at the history of the relationship that we have had with Showtime since 2007 and if you look at the fighters that have come across our events, it is far from a feeder league. We have had some of the world’s best fighters and have had record-breaking ratings.”

Stephen Espinoza on Gina Carano’s possible return:

“Gina is, at heart, a fighter, and will always have the genuine desire to fight, so it would not surprise me at all to see her back in MMA.”

Notes from the call can be found on the announcement post.