Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira ended up needing surgery on that broken arm of his after all.

Tatame is reporting that Nogueira went under the knife last Friday after new tests deemed surgery necessary.

But it seems like the plans have changed. Rodrigo was operated last Friday (16th) at Vail, Colorado, and the surgery was a success. The doctors say he might return to the trains in June. Rodrigo went to Vail and went through new tests, which pointed out the need of the surgery. His biceps wasn’t touched during the process. The “entrance” was made on the triceps, what means he won’t lose strenght on this very arm.

A more detailed description of the situation as explained by Dr. Tom Hackett was posted on the Nogueira brothers official website.

Mr. Nogueira suffered a complex fracture of his right humerus.  The fracture started at the mid-portion of the bone and extended into his elbow region.  Unfortunately, the radial nerve(one of the main nerves that gives power and sensation to the hand) was injured by the event.  The nerve was in the area of the fracture and the bone was pinching the nerve.  Prior to the surgery he had very little strength in his hand and no strength in his thumb.

The surgery involved an incision down the back of his arm.  The nerve was taken out of the fracture site and treated.  The fracture was fixed with a plate and 16 screws and now less than 12 hours after the surgery the function is returning to his hand and the bone is fixed.  We anticipate initiating range of motion exercises today and will start strengthening in the next month.  If everything goes well he will begin full training in the next several months and should be 100% for competition fighting in six months or less.  We anticipate a complete and full recovery.

So if everything goes well, Nogueira should be ready to get back in the cage sometime next summer.