If I go in and execute my game-plan, then I am winning this fight. That’s the bottom line here. Overeem says he is knocking me out in two rounds. Well, I am glad he has the ability to see the future. That’s his dream. I have my own dreams of winning this fight and going on to get my belt back. And on Friday December 30 his dream will be over… I heard something about him changing camps and training back home in Holland but I don’t care or follow that stuff. As long as he shows up on time on Friday, December 30, we will fight. All the rest of it doesn’t matter to me. A fight is a fight, and as long as we both show up the fans are going to get to see the two biggest guys in the division throw down… Look, I’ve had a great camp. This is the best I have felt in years and lardy-lardy-da… I could go through all the clichés about how in shape I am but the fact is, I know myself and my own body and I know that I am back. I am 100%. I am as fast, as strong and as explosive as I’ve ever been and you’re going to see the same guy who beat Frank Mir to a pulp at UFC 100… I’ve very excited, it has been a long time coming. With all the bullsh#t I’ve been through to get here, it is so good to just do what I want to do in my life and that’s fight in the Octagon. I’ve have my trials and tribulations but I got healthy. I am so happy to have my health back, I really am lucky guy to be an athlete again.

— Brock Lesnar, via Heavy.com, talking about his upcoming fight against Alistair Overeem at UFC 141

There seemed to be a common theme on the UFC 141 conference call today. Neither Brock Lesnar or Alistair Overeem wanted to talk a whole lot about their health and steroids. Overeem says he has enough going on to worry about a bunch of people he’s never met before accusing him of taking steroids. Then there’s Lesnar who says he’s isolated himself at his ranch and has been too focused on his family, training and getting back to 100% to worry about what’s going on with Overeem.

Bottom line, both of these guys just want to get in the cage and fight. And that’s fine. This isn’t a fight that needs a storyline. It’s two freight trains that are going to collide in the center of the cage and one of them is going to go down… hard. What more do you need to get amped up for that?

Nevertheless, here’s the full audio via MMA Weekly and a few quotes from the conference call via MMA Junkie and MMA Fighting.

Overeem on making his UFC debut and the dreaded “UFC jitters.”

“I don’t really see it as pressure. Of course, the UFC is 100 times bigger than Strikeforce. UFC is huge, and there’s a lot of media attention on it. But the nice thing about me is the bigger the fight is, the bigger the media attention, the more people that come to watch, the better that I score – the better I achieve in the ring. The bigger it is, the better it is for me. Is there pressure in the UFC? Of course there’s pressure. The same pressure is on Brock. One of us is going to take a step up, and one of us is going to take a step down.”

Overeem on all the distractions this camp:

“I’ve been through a lot in my career. I have like, I don’t know, I think like 65 or 70 fights, so you learn how to deal with distractions, setbacks. I mean, I’m a three-time champion, and I’ve been through a lot. It’s all about adaptation. I’m pretty good at that, I think.”

Lesnar on Overeem’s distractions:

“Obviously, it’s kind of hard to get away, but I’ve pretty much centralized myself with pretty much just my family on my ranch, and so I really don’t know what’s going on in the outside scheme of things. Right now, I’m focused on the fight and my family and the holidays and trying to live a somewhat normal life, you know, other than being a UFC fighter. You’ve got to be able to manage everything and stay on top of what’s most important, and that’s the fight and my family and the holiday right now. I haven’t even followed much of what’s going on with Alistair.”

Overeem on steroid allegations:

“Everybody has a right to ask whatever they want, and I have a right to respond or to ignore. The thing is, I’m very busy with my career. It’s not only just training, it’s a lot of other stuff on top of it, which is assembling the team, PR, doing all these interviews, so I’m very occupied with that. I simply don’t have the time to get into all these allegations. Usually they’re done over [the] internet, people I don’t even know and have never even met.”

Lesnar on steroid allegations:

“I’ve been dealing with the same accusations my whole life. Being part of the spotlight and being I guess with the Internet and everything these days – and being social media and everybody knows everything – it’s part of the lifestyle. It comes with the territory. I’ve been used to it for many years now.”

Lesnar on his health:

“I’ve answered a million questions about my health here,” he snapped at one reporter. “That’s the best you can come up with today? I feel great. I feel very, very good.”

Overeem doesn’t see going past two rounds:

“I’m prepared for the five rounds; I’ve been doing five rounds forever now, it seems,” Overeem said. “But looking at myself, the type of fighter that I am, looking at Brock and the type of fighter he is, looking at both of our characters, we’re aggressive. We’re not the type of guys that back up, if you know what I mean. We’re fighters, and we want to finish fights. I’m going to be doing that Dec. 30. I expect him to be doing that. I don’t see it really going past the first or the second round – second round maximum.”

Brock Lesnar doesn’t see it going the distance either:

“I feel the same. This is a heavyweight fight that, you know, we’re both going in to finish this fight. I don’t foresee it going five rounds.”