Remember that interview with TSN’s Michael Lansberg that Chael Sonnen walked out on last month? Well, the rematch went down today and suffice it to say, things went a lot smoother this time. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining though.

Chael P. Sonnen (P standing for “perfection”) brought plenty of one-liners and a new proclamation that he is “DONE” with Anderson Silva, despite being one win away from a rematch with him. Instead, Sonnen now wants a title fight with either Jon Jones, Junior dos Santos or Georges St. Pierre.

“The bottom line is, I’m done with the guy,” the 34-year-old Sonnen said in an excerpt released prior to the show by TSN. “He and I have no business. . . . He’s so far over the hill and past his prime it’s not worth talking about.

“I’m going to become the No. 1 contender on January 28th, but despite what you may think, I am not going to use that voucher to fight Anderson Silva. I’ll be looking at Dos Santos, Jones and possibly St-Pierre.

“I will take that voucher to (UFC president) Dana White and I will pick one of those guys. My time with Anderson is done.”

Funny guy that Chael Sonnen. Of course, we all know he’s full of it when he says things like this, but I suppose the new approach is refreshing when he’s pretty much exhausted every other possible angle of attack in the past two years.

I’ll post video of the interview later on if it becomes available, but for now you can catch the interview over at TSN.